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a Mexican VC
3 min readFeb 25, 2023


And our take-aways of this year’s DILA Day.

DILA Day 2023, thank you to all of our sponsors!

A couple of weeks ago we hosted our annual DILA Day. This is an event that we host every year for our investors and the founders of our portfolio companies. We invite many of the players in the tech and venture capital ecosystem in Latin America.

On this particular occasion, we hosted more than 300 people in the beautiful Lago Algo, in the heart of Mexico City’s Bosque de Chapultepec.

While the DILA Day is a professional corporate event, where the DILA team speaks about what we saw in the venture capital industry in the year past, and what we expect going forward, it is mainly a space where our investors, partners, sponsors, portfolio companies, and prospective portfolio companies can get together to brainstorm ideas, get to know each other better, network and hopefully . . . make things happen.

So we started the event by quoting a very simple, but deeply profound quote from Albert Einstein that says “Things don’t happen until something moves.”

And that’s what the DILA Day is about. It’s about moving. It’s about getting stuff done. It’s about putting 300 smart people in a room and just seeing what happens after that.

We could easily not have had an event this year and, in all honestly, nothing would’ve happened. But that’s exactly what we wanted to avoid: the nothing. That’s exactly what DILA is about and that’s what the DILA Day represents. It represents movement. It represents entrepreneurship, which is about getting up and doing things.

Naval Ravikant says that there are four types of luck:

  • Lucky by fate (Blind luck)
  • Luck from hustling (Motion)
  • Luck from preparation (Personal sensory receptivity)
  • Luck from your unique character (personal motor behavior)

We believe that the DILA Day generates the three latter types of luck. . . We generate motion and generate movement so that prepared people can get together. We invite hustlers that are well prepared so that they can find opportunities given their unique characters. We want to create movement. We want to be part of something special. We want to be part of your luck.

This is the 10th DILA Day we’ve hosted, commemorating the 10 years that DILA Capital has been around investing venture capital in Latin America, and in the past DILA Days it’s been amazing to see the number of things that come out of the event: relationships, partnerships, business ideas, mergers, acquisitions, and even a couple of romantic dates.

We hope that everybody enjoyed this year’s DILA Day and we cannot wait to hear what opportunities arose, what business ideas were launched, what partnerships occurred and what else happened once we all started moving.

Keep moving, keep creating, and keep inviting us to be part of your stories.

Thank you to Google, Amazon, RSM, Creel, Salesforce, Optiks, Next Legal and Morgan Stanley sponsoring the event and for making this happen. We also want to thank mezcal Amaras, Cerveceria Hercules and Viñedos Iberian Mexico for your support, you definitely make the social part of the event easier and a lot more fun. Last, but not least, a huge THANK YOU to the entire DILA TEAM: you guys rock!



a Mexican VC

Alejandro Diez Barroso. General Partner @ DILA Capital, a venture capital firm focused on Latin American and Hispanic startups.