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Alejandro Diez Barroso. General Partner @ DILA Capital, a venture capital firm focused on Latin American and Hispanic startups.
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This is a question that comes up all the time in a startups life: “How much money should I raise?” Many believe the answer is simple: raise as much as you can. But I personally don’t believe this is the correct response. Sure, more money seems like a better option. If you raise too little, you risk running out of cash before you achieve the milestones needed to go back to investors again. But if you raise too much, you could give away an unnecessary equity stake of your company.

So, I will attempt to simplify this as much as…

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Today is the last day of what has undoubtedly been the most complicated and strange year we have ever had to live as a modern society. Millions of lives were lost and many people found themselves in times of great loneliness and vulnerability. It’s difficult to predict what we will see in 2021 and it feels strange to speak positively about our expectations.

However, we are very optimistic about the near future. Purely from a venture capital perspective, we believe 2020 will be remembered as the year the Latin American ecosystem hit a tipping point. Eduardo and I have been…

Kavak- The one that got away

There are no mistakes, only lessons.

In 2017 we were fundraising for DILA III. Mexico was in deep need of institutional limited partners, so we organized a cocktail for many of our potential limited partners in the beautiful Hacienda de los Morales in Mexico City. We invited national and international development banks, prominent family offices, institutional investors and HNWIs from all around the region. We spoke about the nascent venture capital industry in LatAm and presented three companies which we wanted to be part of our new fund: Ben&Frank, Urbvan and Kavak.

All three…

Why we do what we do in DILA Capital

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One of our close advisors sent us this TED talk from Simon Sinek:

While this TED Talk is from 2009 and has been viewed more than 50M times, I hadn’t yet seen it! And the very simple, yet very powerful message really got to me: Why do we do what we do? …

On The Origin of Start-Ups

One of my goals for this year was to read more “Classics”. I recently finished Charles Darwin’s On The Origin of Species. And while part of my idea with reading more classical books was to spend some headspace away from entrepreneurship and venture capital, I couldn’t stop thinking about startups during Darwin’s entire book.

The book begins by stating that species undergo modification and states that he believes in the law of progressive development. Darwin mentions that geographical distribution and conditions of life cause these variations. While Darwin was speaking of pigeons, I could not…

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It is no news that COVID-19 is going to change the world dramatically. We have heard podcasts, news anchors, thinkers and modern philosophers saying that this unprecedented crisis is going to change the way we live, the way we interact, the way we travel, how we consume and what we consume.

In DILA, our job is to understand the future, it is to invest in the entrepreneurs that are building this future. If we are to be great investors, we need to understand what’s coming, understand the trends, we need to anticipate what is changing the world and have a…

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“Learning to stand in somebody else’s shoes, to see through their eyes, that’s how peace begins. And it’s up to you to make that happen. Empathy is a quality of character that can change the world.” — Barack Obama

In these last few months, if there has been a common denominator in my video-conferences, calls and interactions it has been empathy and solidarity. Having analyzed the situation, I have come to the conclusion that when we have a “common enemy”, especially one who is not human, in this case a virus, which affects us all in some way or another…

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I had been very unenthusiastic about publishing anything since the outbreak of the corona-virus back in February. I don’t know if it was a fear of being disrespectful or an insecurity of publishing something that just wouldn’t be of interest to any reader in these tough times.

However, I have decided to break my publishing silence in order to let people know what we have been doing in DILA Capital these past few months and how our portfolio companies have been reacting to this unprecedented crisis. …

Este 9 de marzo es un día importante para México, en donde las mujeres no van a trabajar, no van a comprar, no van a salir a la calle, no van a ayudar en sus casas #UnDiaSinMujeres . . . con el propósito de salir a levantar más conciencia sobre la indolencia, la violencia y la falta de justicia que sufren las mujeres en México.

El #ParoNacionalDeMujeres es un movimiento para que todos nos demos cuenta de lo importante que es la mujer en nuestra política, en nuestra toma de decisiones, en nuestras casas, en nuestras oficinas, en nuestra vida…

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The Board of Directors of a startup is one of the most useful tools for the company, if executed correctly. We, at DILA Capital, wanted to put together a document for our portfolio companies that we can use a guideline for Board Best Practices. We asked our founders, investors and fellow board members for their advice on the best practices for startup boards and have decided to publish it so it is available to all founders, not just those in our portfolio. The idea of this post is for everyone who reads can send us their comments and inputs, so…

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